Bathroom / Wet room Installation costs


Giving an accurate cost of a bathroom installation is very difficult as it varies massively depending on a variety of different factors.  Below we will try cover as much as we can to help you get somewhere near.

Things that determine costs include:

  1. Amount of work required to remove the existing suite and tiles etc
  2. The condition of the existing walls and floors 
  3. The position of the new bathroom suite and radiators
  4. Any additional electrics that are required or wanted
  5. The quality of materials used
  6. The quality of the bathroom suite that is fitted
  7. The amount of tiling required
  8. Waste removal
  9. If any walls are to be removed
  10. If any windows need changing, adding or blocking up
  11. If electric underfloor heating is to be added
  12. The size of the room
  13. Job duration

The above list is not exhaustive but gives a good indication of the amount of factors that go into a bathroom installation.

Below we talk about certain parts in more detail, this should give you a better understanding to budget for your installation.


Labour is one of the biggest costs involved with your bathroom installation. Most bathroom installations take between 8 and 15 working days to complete depending on what is involved. They can also require various tradesmen including plumbers, tilers, electricians. Joiners and builders. Although there are certain companies that have multi skilled tradesmen that can fit a bathroom fully. This may change the price slightly but not by much.

On average most bathroom fitting companies will charge between £200 and £300 per day so the average cost for labour will usually be somewhere between £1600 and £4500. Most companies will quote using a fixed price formula so don't expect to see day rates though.

Building materials

Building materials includes all the materials required not included with the bathroom suite. It includes things like copper pipe and fittings, waste pipe and fittings, plasterboards, adhesives, wood, screws, tile trims, sealants, screws etc.

Again depending on what is involved in your bathroom installation the amount varies but on average you would be looking at a cost between £250 and £1000 for this.

Bathroom suite and tiles

The bathroom suite and tiles will usually be somewhere between number 1 and number 2 of the most expensive part of a bathroom installation. It's very difficult to give an average price for these items as there is such a big difference between the most basic and the really top end. 

The items required can include:

  1. Bath and bath panel
  2. Bath taps
  3. Washbasin
  4. Washbasin taps
  5. Toilet, cistern and seat
  6. Shower
  7. Shower tray
  8. Shower enclosure
  9. Wastes
  10. Wall tiles
  11. Floor tiles
  12. Bath screen
  13. Concealed shower valves
  14. Shower heads
  15. Vanity units
  16. Wall units

The list above would not be used in every installation it just gives an idea of the amount of things that can be required.

Tiles start at around £6 sqm for the basic small ceramic ones and can go up to any price really. 

So to sum up i would say the average price of a bathroom suite including 20 sqm of tiles would be between £2000 and £8000

As was pointed out earlier though this is an area where the customer can save money or really spend big and make a statement.

Waste removal

Waste removal is quite often overlooked when people budget for their bathroom installation. There are a few ways this can be dealt with. 

The customer can choose to remove the waste themselves and take it to their local household waste, this will obviously be free depending on how much you value your time

A skip can be provided, you will be looking anywhere between £200 to £400 for this.

A waste removal company can be instructed to collect the waste, this will cost between £150 to £300.


Most of the obscure parts will be covered on a site survey so will be included in any quotation or estimate you would receive. You can see though that it's not so easy to be exact when trying to work out the cost of your bathroom installation.

As a customer you want to use the 4 parts above to come up with an initial budget, they are:

  1. Labour (Get at least 3 quotes) average - £1600 to £4500
  2. Building materials (Make sure you know what the installer will be supplying) average - £250 to £1000
  3. Bathroom suite (Visit a showroom or have the fitter help work out exactly what you want/need) average - £2000 to £8000
  4. Waste removal (use a legitimate waste removal company to guard against fly tippers) average - free to £400

So the average cost of a bathroom installation would usually fall somewhere between £3850 to £13900. 

We appreciate this is a wide margin but it does give some idea of  the costs involved.